My Son Sanctuary on the heritage route of Central Vietnam

Source: VNA |

(QNO) - My Son Sanctuary (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province) is regarded on a par with the famous monuments in Southeast Asia such as Angkor Wat, Pagan, Borobudur. It includes over 70 temples of Cham civilization, containing the values of history, culture, architecture and art.

Especially known as a unique cultural value expressing the harmony between yin and yang, heaven and earth, man and the mysterious spiritual realm, Cham dance is an indispensable tourism product in this cultural heritage. Besides, musical instruments, folk songs, and unique traditional festivals of the Cham people, which have been kept for thousands of years, are also presented here.

My Son Sanctuary was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It averagely welcomes over 300,000 visitors a year (70% of them are foreigners).

My Son Sanctuary is situated in a favorable geographical location, adjacent to the major economic centers in the region, connected by road and rail. It also occupies a strategic position on the heritage route of Central Vietnam. With such favorable conditions, My Son tourism is promising to develop sustainably with new tourism products and a diversity of tourism services. It is also the new approach full of promise of Quang Nam tourism.

Source: VNA