Nano technology helps to preserve My Son World Cultural Heritage


(QNO) - Nano technology is being used to preserve Tower Son PRB5 of My Son sanctuary site by the My Son Relic and Tourism Managing Board and Institute of Ecology and Works Protection.

My Son
My Son sanctuary

In past time, all kinds of plant and weeds grew up on the towers’ body were treated by using biological technology and being covered by nano materials to keep the bricks to link together stablely. This preservation work will end in September 2014.

Reportedly, nano technology has also been being used to preserved Chien Dan towers in Phu Ninh  district since the first phase. According to the scientists, the new method to preseve old Cham towers by using biological and nano technologies will not affect to environment as well as damage the architectural structure of the towers. After being treated with nano technology, all bricks willclean of mosses and rusts, their colors will be recovered as well as do not change the characteristics and will be protected from harm in the future.