Nearly 900 year-old ancient Champa well found in Que Son district


(QNO) - On May 5, the Quang Nam provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism coordinated with authority and villagers in hamlet 6, Huong An commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province to localize and protect an ancient Champa well.

Sở VH-TT&DL khảo sát giếng Chăm tại Quế Sơn. Ảnh: P.V
Ancient Champa well in Que Son.

The well which has just been unearthed is square in structure with each side of nearly 1 meter long. It was built with ancient Champa bricks, similar to the materials used in other Champa temples in Quang Nam province. The well is about 20 meters from the complex of Huong Que ruins including Champa steles, statues of sacred cow and Champa temples.

Bia Chăm nằm cách giếng cổ 20m. Ảnh: P.VINH
A Champa stele, about 20m from the ancient well.

According to  Deputy Director of the Quang Nam provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Xuan Tinh, the province is home of around 10 ancient Champa wells, noticeably the wells in Champa Islands (Hoi An city), Tam Hai (Nui Thanh district) and Que Son. Scientists can confirm the owners and the dates of the ancient wells thanks to their specific features.

Một giếng Chăm cổ ở xứ Quảng. Ảnh: T.NHAN
An ancient Champa well in Quang Nam province.

In the near future, local authorities will invite experts to survey, research and assess historical values of this ancient Champa well.