New precious documents on Hoi An city found


(QNO) - In the process of studying the administrative management of Hoi An ancient town authority  in the French domination period, the Center for heritages management and restoration (CHMR) of Hoi An city discovered two precious documents on housing management in Faifo (Hoi An city now).  

The first one is an application (written in French and Chinese) for repairing the house at 185 Japanese Bridge street, applied by Mr Huynh Cam Thanh in 1932. The second one is an house renting contract (written in French  the and Chinese) signed by Mr Ly Hoa and Mr Ly Nha in the 6th year of King Khai Dinh. The house repairing application was dated 26 July 1832 and the returning day was 39 July 1932.

“Those house renting and repairing activities occurred 80 years ago. Despite being normal work, people had to submit an application and local authority approved them within 3 days only,” said Mr Ngo Duc Tri, a cadre of the CHMR.