New service space for My Son Sanctuary site

By Nguyen Kim Bao |

(QNO) - The Heritage Imprint Service Space of My Son Sanctuary Site has just been brought into operation on August 17th 2013 by The My Son Sanctuary Site Managing Board (MSMB) and UNESCO Office in Ha Noi.

According to MSMB, the Heritage Imprint Service Space is a highlight of the process of building My Son Displaying House (located outside Khe The). It will be a place to receive the visitors, introduce this World cultural heritage, promote the meanings and values of  My Son Displaying House.

Reportedly, My Son Displaying House was funded by Japanese government and opened in 2005. It has been upgraded to become the My Son Museum. It is displaying more than 100 objects and pictures about history, culture and  architectural art of the Champa civilization.

By Nguyen Kim Bao