Nui Thanh - Golden land for investment

By Tuy Phong - Kim Bao |

(QNO) - By the rapid development of economy in recent years, Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam province) has been valued as “the industrial district”. With many advantages of land, abundant labour resource, port and airport, since 2003, on this “hot sand” land, many factories and enterprises have been built, many investors in the country and all over the world have invested capital to do business. The establishment of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and other Industrial Zones with perfect infrastructure and preferential policies of Quang Nam province in the last 10 years have  created favourable conditions to attract domestic and foreign investors.

Diagrams of The North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and The Chu Lai Open Economic Zone
Diagrams of The North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and The Chu Lai Open Economic Zone

After 10 years of building and development, the Chu Lai OEZ achieved many good and significant results in calling investment and contributing to the socio-economy development of Tam Hiep commune and Nui Thant district as well. This OEZ was valued as “one of the most perfect economic zone of Vietnam”. This is also the motive power to make this district’s dream of industrialization come true.

So far the Chu Lai OEZ has attracted 93 investment projects; the total registered capital has reached 3,1 billion USD with  21 FDI projects (nearly 187 million USD of registered capital) and 62 projects under operation (783 million USD registered capital). These projects have supplied jobs for 14,000 labours.  Thanks to effective trading, the total annual industrial production value of Nui Thanh district in the period 2005-2012 increased over 37.6% per year and will be 38% in 2015. The total state budget collection from 50 billion VND in 2001 increased to 2,000 billion VND in 2013, nearly 40 times up.  The Chu Lai OEZ is one of 5 national key economic zones to be priority invested in the period of  2013-2015.

The North Chu Lai Industrial Park (NCIP) of Nui Thant district is also an ideal destination for investors. In the phase 1 of building the NCIP, over  176 hectares were invested to build factories and operation office, 136, 6 ha of 142.10 ha of industrial land were rent, occupied  96.1% of total area. The wastewater treatment system of Phase 1 (with 1.900m3/day capacity) was completed and brought into operation in late 2011. In Phase 2, over 120 ha of 184.7 ha  of industrial land area have been cleared  and built the infrastructure, expected to be completed in 2014.

Till now, the NCIP has attracted 28 investment projects among which 21 projects have brought into operation (3 investment projects with 100% foreign capital, 3 joint venture projects, 15 projects owned by investors in the country). Most of the projects have the total investment capital of more than 10 million USD and 200 billion VND.

Many products have become famous and created their own trade mark such as building glass of Chu Lai: Float Glass JSC; Chu Lai - Indevco Electronic Components of the CCI Vietnam Co., Ltd.; Timber for export of Minh Duong Chu Lai JSC, Fine arts and handicraft products for export of Vinh Gia Co., Ltd.; Construction chemicalsof   Mapei Co. Ltd… These products have been consumed in internal and international markets.

“At present, Chu Lai is always a burning question of Vietnam. Many questions were given and the common answer is: Without Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Nui Thanh district would still be a poor land of large and hot sand plains forever, and Quang Nam province could not bein the list of Top 10 cities and provinces reached 10,000 billion VND of annual budget collection. These economic and industrial zones have played an important role in the process of sustainable social-economic development of Nui Thanh district in the past years. Nui Thanh district has become one of the most dynamic developed localities of Quang Nam province on the  way of industrialization; the life of local people has been better and better …This is the main reasonwhy local people (to) have agreed to move to new living places andoffered their land to build industrial zones without any worries or complaints …,” said Mr Pham Van Quyen, Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Nui Thanh district.

The local authority always puts investors’ legitimate benefits and effective cooperation at the top of the process of investment, manufacturing and trading.

“I had gone to many localities to look for investment opportunities. At last, I came to Nui Thanh district and decided to choose this land. I have been shared many useful information, significant supports by local authority and the Managing Board of the Chu Lai OEZ as well as solved difficult problems before and during the periods of investment…,” Mr Lam Quyen Quy, Deputy Director General of Nhu Thanh Garment Joint-venture Company shared.

Besides the NCIP, Nui Thanh district has also built some small-scale industrial parks to attract small investors. At present, (3 small industrial parks: Nam Chu Lai, Trang Ton and Tam My Tay attracted 9 investors and delivered) there are 9 investors attracted to 3 small industrial parks: Nam Chu Lai, Trang Ton and Tam My Tay with over 24.6 ha of cleared land (to build) for infrastructure and factories. These enterprises have supplied 770 jobs to the local residents.

With advantageous location, relatively synchronous technical- social infrastructure, excellence preferential investment mechanisms, the reasonable land renting and services expenditure; abundant local labour source and one-door administration procedure for investment, the Chu Lai OEZ, the North Chu Lai Industrial Zone and other small industrial parks of Nui Thant district have been friendly and sustainable development destinations for domestic and oversea investors…

By Tuy Phong - Kim Bao