Opening Quang Nam Portal to support provincial businesses


(QNO) - On the morning of May 8, Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee officially opened the portal to support businesses and trained to register for the membership and professional work on this portal.

Speaking at the ceremony, the permanent Vice Chairman of Quang Nam provincial People's Committee Huynh Khanh Toan, Head of Executive Board said: The open of the Portal to support businesses in Quang Nam (at: ) aims to create favorable conditions for businesses to easier access to and exchange with the provincial authorities on the problems arising in the course of production and business.

Accordingly the relevant authorities of the province will promptly share and clear up the questions and difficulties of businesses, help improve the quality of the service to businesses,  provide businesses with an open and transparent investment environment and gradually improve the investment environment.

Mr. Huynh Khanh Toan proposed the cooperation between Executive Board of the Portal and provincial departments and agencies to rapidly complete the softwares, promptly and publicly update the regimes related to activities of the businesses on this Portal. Concurrently, the questions and the content that businesses wonder have to be answered timely; all the harassment or making businesses difficult has to be eliminated.

As known, in the early stages of implementation, there are 23 provincial agencies participating in exchanging, providing information and answering the questions to assist the businesses in the province with mechanisms, policies and laws related to investment, production and business in the province; the information about the regulations and documents related to business; processes and procedures for investment and trading; the incentives ... In particular, the information system of the businesses is completely secure, they can suggest private replies which will not be published online.