Performing music in Hoi An ancient town


(QNO) - Hoi An People’s Committee has just allowed “Piano sound – Childhood Melody” and “Old Melody” bands to perform in Hoi An ancient town in order to enrich tourism products attracting tourists to Hoi An.

The “Old Melody” band
The “Old Melody” band

Accordingly, the “Piano sound – Childhood Melody” band will perform on  the first Friday and the whole third week of  every month at 78 Le Loi Street (from 7pm to 9pm). The members of this band are the students from grade 2 to grade 7 of primary and secondary schools in Hoi An. By pianos, they will play famous songs of the world’s talented musicians such as: Johann Pachepel, Wolfgang Amadues Mozart, Ludwid van Beethoven, Ferderic Francois Chopin, Richard Clayderman, Theodore Oesten, Yiruma…

This program aims to serve tourists and also the opportunity for Hoi An’s children to show their talents and promote the tradition of classical and chamber music.

The “Old Melody” is a family band with members as La Hoi musician’s descendant. They will perform in “Hoi An old town night” on every 14th of lunar months at 31 Nguyen Thai Hoc. This band usually plays famous old domestic and international songs by musical instruments: piano, bass guitar, violin, mandolin, harmonica.