Photo Exhibition of Lao people and landscapes


(QNO) - The exhibition “Champa colourful flower” of Lao people and landscapes was opened on November 26th at the Quang Nam University (Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province). Through 30 pictures of Lao landscapes and customs by Tran Tan Vinh- a photographer and cultural researcher, viewers can  perceive a beautiful and colourful Lao country.

The exhibition is  one of a wide range of activities to welcome the  Independence Day of Lao People’s Democratic Republic (December 12th) oragnised by Quang Nam University, where nearly all among 73 Lao students study in Quang Nam province.

Lam-vong Lao dance. Photo: Tran Tan Vinh

Photographer Vinh shared, the friendship between Laos and Vietnam is very fine. Laos has many different groups of ethnic people such as Lao Lum, Lao Thong, Lao Sung distinguished by their specific  costumes. His photos of Lao ethnic people and their traditional costumes were taken in Laos itself, in Hue festival 2014 and in Quang Nam cultural heritage festival 2013.

Wat Phu - Di sản thế giới qua góc nhìn của NSNA. Trần Tấn Vịnh
Lao World Cultural Heritage . Photo: Tran Tan Vinh.
Thiếu nữ Lào trong trang phục truyền thống.
A Lao girl wearing the traditional costume. Photo: Tran Tan Vinh.
Cố đô Luông Prabang
Luang Prabang ancient capital. Photo: Tran Tan Vinh