Promoting Quang Nam-India cooperation

Kenny Thanh |

(QNO) - Quang Nam Party Secretary Phan Viet Cuong played host to Indian Ambassador to Vietnam Parvathaneni Harish, who visited Quang Nam province on January 15.

At the meeting, Secretary Cuong expressed his pleasure because it was the second time he met Parvathaneni Harish in Quang Nam. Mr. Cuong talked about Quang Nam’s socio-economic growth in the past time. At present, Quang Nam is chosen by many international and domestic investors. So, Quang Nam’s leader hoped Ambassador to be a bridge between Indian investors and the province. On behalf of the provincial leaders, through Ambassador Parvathaneni Harish, Secretary Cuong thanked Indian experts and staffs for helping Quang Nam to restore the towers of H and K of My Son Sanctuary through Ambassador Parvathaneni Harish.

Ambassador Parvathaneni Harish wished Secretary Cuong to excellently complete his task in the new position. He and Indian experts are impressed by beautiful images of Quang Nam land and people.