Promotion programme for tourists during Tet festival in Hoi An city

By N.K.B |

According to a special promotion programme to be implemented in Hoi An city during the coming Tet festival (Lunar New year of the Goat), all tourists who stay 3 nights at any hotels will be gifted one night free of charge, all “in hotel services” fee, free lunch and dinner buffets with Hoi An’s traditional dishes…

Besides, the tourists will have the opportunities to use services and buy souvenirs with cheap price, enjoy and experience Hoi An’s traditional cultural festivals and performances such as Tet Nguyen Tieu ceremony, Carpentry ancestor worshiping ceremony, Cam Nam maize festival… Hoi An city also offers free entrance fees to Hoi An ancient town and its tourist attractions during four days of Tet holiday (18th - 21st Feb, 2015) .

By N.K.B