Provincial leader welcomes the JVPF


(QNO) - Vice Chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Chin welcomed and worked with the Japan-Vietnam Peace and Friendship Promotion Council (JVPF) on the afternoon of July 30th.

At the meeting, Mr Nguyen Chin expressed his thankfulness to the VJPF’s visit and their helps to victims of Agent orange/dioxin in Quang Nam. For a great number of the victims of Agent orange/dioxin and poor people who are affected and suffered from wars and natural disasters, Quang Nam has received some helps from Japan in general and the JVPF in particular. He also hoped to receive more help for victims of  Agent orange/dioxin and poor people in the future.

On behalf of the JVPF, writer Hiramatsu Tomoko (deputy of the JVPF’s delegation) thanked for Quang Nam leaders’ welcome, considered Quang Nam as his second motherland and hoped to keep his help for Quang Nam and the victims of  Agent orange/dioxin here. On this occasion, the members of the JVPF and of Kawagoe city’s parliament would like to be twined with one of provincial cities or towns in order to exchange, share and help together in many fields in the next time.

Mr Nguyen Chin agreed and looked forward to the visit of the delegations of the JVPF and from Kawagoe city to Quang Nam. On the same day, the JVPF’s delegation and the members of Kawagoe city’s parliament attended the meeting and exchange program “Under the humane home” and offered gifts to 14 families of the victims of  Agent orange/dioxin.