Quang Nam: Building an e-government


(QNO) - A seminar on building an e-government in Quang Nam was jointly held last week by the Quang Nam Department of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam.

Full view of the event
Full view of the event

At the seminar, the route to build an e-government in Quang Nam was proposed to be divided into two stages. The first stage (from 2018 to 2020) focuses on setting up the base of an e-government including upgrading the online public service portal, electronic one-gate software at the provincial Centre for Public Administrative and Investment Promotion, and in other services. It should meet the demands of providing online public services on the levels 3, 4 and integrated, making sure of the cross-system flow. Then, the only administrative channel between authorities and people is set up. Digital personal identification and signatures are also deployed.

The 2nd stage begins in 2021. It will center on the comprehensive development of the provincial e-government, completing the provincial application software and specialized databases. The stage will also build and deploy the security system for electronic information, keeping on applying the digital signature, upgrading the technological infrastructure, and enlarging the interactive system between authorities and people. At this period of time, information technology services will be improved to ensure the linking and the security for the whole provincial system.

Quang Nam is now considered very active in the movement of building an e-government.