Quang Nam leaders receive Director of KOTRA office in Da Nang city


(QNO) - Chairman of the Quang Nam People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu played host to Sungnyung Lee - Director of the South Korea Trade and Investment Agency (KOTRA) in Da Nang on November 6.

Director Sungnnung Lee (left) offers a gift (South Korean ginseng) to Chairman Thu.
Director Sungnnung Lee (left) offers a gift (South Korean ginseng) to Chairman Thu.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Thu recalled some cooperative results between Quang Nam and its partners and localities from South Korea in the past years. With the supports from the KOTRA offices in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh cities, Quang Nam has effective activities in investment promotion, meetings with enterprises, building friendship and cooperative relations between Quang Nam and South Korean localities.

At present, the cooperation between Quang Nam province’s and South Korean localities is being maintained positively and reliably, in accordance with the Vietnam – South Korea strategic partnership.
In terms of investment, South Korea is one of the important partners of Quang Nam province. Quang Nam has attracted 45 South Korean investment projects with a total capital of nearly 500 million USD, which contributes to Quang Nam’s growth. In the conference of 30 years of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam held in Hanoi last month, Quang Nam and Hyosung Group (South Korea) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on building South Korean factories in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (Quang Nam province) with a total capital of 1.34 billion USD.

Chairman Thu hoped Sungnyung Lee and his co-workers to continue to help Quang Nam’s localities in develop business and infrastructure. Quang Nam, especially Chu Lai Open Economic Zone with special mechanisms will be an opportunity for new South Korean enterprises to invest in Quang Nam.
On behalf of the South Korean delegation, Mr. Sungnyung Lee thanked for Quang Nam leaders’ enthusiastic reception. According to Lee, Quang Nam has potential and strengths in attracting FDI. Quang Nam should paid more attention to its promotion. Moreover, when KOTRA office in Da Nang city is officially put into operation on December 21, it will create more opportunities for cooperation and South Korean investment attraction in this region.