Quang Nam leaders receive the delegation of Yongin city


(QNO) - In the reception for the delegation from Yongin City Council (South Korea) led by its member Kim Sang-soo on November 13, Vice Chairman Le Van Thand said South Korea is always a partner, a close friend of Quang Nam. Quang Nam province has established the friendship and cooperative relations with several South Korean localities and partners such as Yongin, Osan, Gwangyang, and Dongduk Women's University. Some Quang Nam’s localities have also established the friendships with South Korean localities.

Quang Nam leaders and the delegation from Yongin City Council (South Korea)
Quang Nam leaders and the delegation from Yongin City Council (South Korea)

Several South Korea’s investment projects and non-governmental aid have effectively operated in Quang Nam, contributing to the provincial socio-economic growth. Tourists from South Korea to Quang Nam and Da Nang city have strongly increased in recent years. On this occasion, Vice Chairman Thanh also mentioned Quang Nam’s socio-economic situation. He hoped Yongin city continue to cooperate with Quang Nam more closely in education and training, employment ( recruiting Quang Nam apprentices to work in Yongin), investment…

On behalf of the South Korean delegation, Mrs. Kim Sang-soo thanked for the warm welcome of Quang Nam Province and agreed with Quang Nam leader’s suggestions. She also asked Quang Nam to plan specific cooperation programmes which will be discussed and deployed in the coming time, helping the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea reach new heights.