Quang Nam province's priorities in service and industry development

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(QNO) - According to Chairman of Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu, the province has planned six motive economic groups to stimulate the local potentials and realize the strategy of comprehensive economic development step by step.

Chairman Thu. Picture: lienhiep.quangnam.gov.vn
Chairman Thu. Picture: lienhiep.quangnam.gov.vn

Being one of the provinces of the Central Key Economic Zone in Vietnam,  Quang Nam has coastal potentials and strengths. The province is the Vietnam’s unique place with two World Cultural Heritages: Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary. Especially, the province is also the first locality of the country to build the coastal multidisciplinary and multi-sector economic zone, Chu Lai Economic Zone.  

Geographically, Quang Nam province has many favourable conditions such as locating on East-West Economic Corridor, which is easy for road transport to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and for maritime transport to the other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The province also locates between Da Nang  and Chu Lai International Airports. Chu Lai (Quang Nam province) is a 4F-level international cargo airport and the Vietnam’s unique center for heavy airplane repair and maintenance.

With flexible support policy, administrative reform, open investment and business climate…, Quang Nam province has attracted many effective investment projects from Truong Hai Auto Corporation, Chu Lai Float Grass Co., Dong Tam Enamelled tile Co., Indochina Capital, VinaCapital, Victoria, Golden Sand, Palm Garden… It creates provincial stable growth.

Now, Quang Nam province is calling for investment into support industry, machinery manufacturing, electronics, textile,  clothing and footwear, construction materials and agro-processing industries, urban and tourism infrastructures… The province prioritizes service and industry development to basically become an industrial province by 2020. Therefore, the Provincial Administration now focuses on develop the mountainous west and the coastal east. The coastal region in the east will be built up as the South East Economic Region  with its focus - Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, receiving investment from Asia-Pacific countries and grasping opportunities from Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. In 2025, this region will become a provincial center for industry, tourism and services, contributing to Quang Nam’s development as a modern industrial province.

So, the province has planned six motive economic groups: Nam Hoi An tourism-urban zone; center for auto and auto support industries; garment industry and  Tam Ky urban development; service and industry development and Chu Lai airport; natural gas and electricity, and industrial products derived from natural gas; fishing port and anchor system against storms.

(Source: baodautu.vn)