Quang Nam Sculpture Garden


(QNO) - Significant messages about the love of life via stone was presented before the public in Quang Nam on August 25th at the 24/3 Square (Tam Ky City).

Vo Ngoc Lan and his “Champa Dance”, Photo: S.A
Vo Ngoc Lan and his “Champa Dance”, Photo: S.A

Quang Nam’s impression

A large-scale sculpture camp first held in Quang Nam was attracted a large amount of sculptors throughout the country. Among many sketches, there were 25 chosen to be suitable for a public exhibition. For over a month of working with a vengeance, artisans and skilled workers made their perfect products of white stone. Each work had an own art life; but placed side by side in a large space, they  brought  a new cultural destination to Tam Ky, enrich this city’s landscape.

Through these sculptures- the artists’ messages about the love of people and nature, the viewers could appreciate the plenty of Quang Nam’s culture. It might be a “Joy” of the ethnic women in Quang Nam mountainous areas, a “Thu Bon Appearance” -  fully transferring the characteristics of Quang land, Hoi An and My Son in the sight of heritage lovers.

Art to the public

According to Vo Ngoc Lan, an offspring of Quang Nam, a sculptor from Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association, the ancient capital Tra Kieu and the Champa mysterious culture have inspired him to outline the “Dance of Champa”. His Apsara dancers was formed and shown to the public right in his homeland, which made him very happy.

40 years since the national liberation, Quang Nam had a space of art in the true sense. This was probably a joy of all the inhabitants in Quang Nam, especially in Tam Ky-a city poor in cultural facilities. It was recalled that the Hoi An Sculpture Garden born in 2006 makes it become a more friendly cultural space to international friends.