Quang Nam strengthening the cooperation with Sekong (Laos)

Source: VNA |

(QNO) - An annual meeting between Nam Giang (Quang Nam, Vietnam) and Dac Chung (Sekong, Laos) has just been organized in Nam Giang. This event aimed to summarize the past work and deploy the coming tasks between two districts.

People in Nam Giang
People in Nam Giang

The cooperation and exchange in all fields between Nam Giang and Dac Chung have reached fruitful results. Especially, local residents in two side’s borders have been given favour conditions by the functional agencies to do business with each other. This aims to strengthen solidarity and friendship between the two locals and two countries as a whole. Every year, Nam Giang district supports Dac Chung with 200 million VND for production. Many cultural and arts exchange are maintained to  reinforce the special relation between the two districts’ Parties, authorities and local people.

The two districts committed to a sustainable friendship and cooperation relationship between the two provinces  in particular and Vietnam-Laos in general.\

Source: VNA