Quang Nam to develop sustainable tourism

By Khanh Linh |

(QNO) - The workshop “Sustainable tourism” was co-organised in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) on November 14, by the Quang Nam Tourism Association and International Labour Organization (ILO) Office in Quang Nam. 30 businesses and representatives from relevant state agencies participated this event.

The sustainable tourism has been major factor to appreciate tourists’ content level over the destinations and tourist businesses. Therefore, protecting the natural-social environment such as water, atmosphere, cultural heritages as well as supporting community development, improving the standard of living, making the general development of the society must be carried out strictly by businesses.

The set of the “Standard for sustainable tourism” introduced at the workshop will help tourist businesses to attain right awareness in order to put forward the suitable development solutions in implementing 3 aspects for sustainable tourism in future : finance (profits), environment, society.

By Khanh Linh