Quang Nam Union of Friendship Organizations announces the results of the project funded by JICA

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(QNO) - On the morning of 8th January, the Quang Nam provincial Project Management Board  worked with the delegation from Minaniboso city and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) about the progress and results of the project funded by JICA.

The overview of meeting
The overview of meeting

The project “Local economic development via stepping up production processes, building a trademark and distributing  handicraft and fine art products in road rest stops” started in April 2013 and estimatedly finishes in March 2016 in Thang Binh, Hoi An, Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen with the total expenditure of 4 billion VND. So far, the component to support  rice paper drying machines for the cooperative groups Huong Hue, Binh Tri, Thang Binh has been deployed. In addition, component of safe vegetable at My Hung and Binh Trieu shops was also set up, the equipment for Tien Phuoc aloes wood craft village and handicraft and fine arts shop in Binh An rest stop has been put into operation.  

The provincial Project Management Board asked  the Quang Nam People’s Committee to continue directing, investing in as well as replicating the model of this project in the province. Besides, JICA and Minaniboso were suggested to sign new cooperation agreement starting in 2016.

Source: qrt.vn