Quang Nam's art in Republic of Korea


(QNO) - Hoi An city’s art delegation (Quang Nam province) has just successfully finished the exchanges and performances in the 5th Doksan Cultural Festival (Osan city, Republic of Korea) at the invitation of Mr Kwak Sang Wook- Mayor of Osan.

The two Hoi An’s art performances (25 minutes for each)   aimed to introduce to the Korean Quang Nam’s specific cultural features, such as Bai choi singing, Ba trao singing (Vietnamese coastal folk boat-rowing singing), folk dance, performing on traditional musical equipments (monochord, flute, saranai, etc.). These performances were highly praised and sympathized by the Osan residents.

The Doksan Cultural Festival expresses the loyalty of Semandaeji land  (Doksan belongs to Semandaeji) in Korea.