Quang Nam's PAPI up 13 levels


(QNO) - The Viet Nam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2015 was published in Hanoi on April 12th by the Vietnam Center for Community Research and Development, the Center for Staff Training and Scientific Research (the Vietnam Fatherland Front) and the United Nations Development Programme in Vietnam.

The chart of PAPI 2015
The chart of PAPI 2015

Accordingly, Quang Nam increased from the 33rd position in 2014 to the 20th (with 36.52 points) and was listed in the upper-middle score group this year. However, it was 3 levels lower than 2013.

The PAPI aims to generate information that can improve the performance of local authorities in meeting their citizens’ needs by creating constructive competition and promoting learning among local authorities; and enabling citizens to benchmark their local government’s performance and advocate for improvement. It is based on 6 dimensions, including participation at local levels, transparency, vertical accountability, control of corruption in public sector, public administrative procedures and public service delivery. Besides, there are also 22 sub-dimensions and 92 indicators of the governance and public administration effectiveness in 63 provinces and cities.

Returning to the PAPI 2015, Quang Nam’s public service delivery index was the highest with 6.7 points; the indices of transparency and vertical accountability were both 5.5 points, the lowest of all.