Quintessential products of craft villages


(QNO) - The Exhibition House of the quintessence of Quang Nam craft villages at 35-Nguyen Hue street, Hoi An city has attracted numerous tourists who want to learn about the traditional handicraft villages in Quang Nam land. 

Tourists at the exhibition house
Tourists at the exhibition house

Tourists coming to this exhibition house often buy handicraft products for souvenir. Here, there are many typical products from 15 traditional handicraft villages in Quang Nam province including Ma Chau silk (Duy Xuyen district), Nguyen Van Tiep wooden fine arts, Le Duc Ha pottery (Dien Ban town), Nui Thanh rattan and bamboo, Trung Phuoc aloes wood (Nong Son district), Tien Phuoc pepper, Hiep Duc sedge mat, Dhroong brocade (Dong Giang district).

This exhibition house can be seen as a miniature picture of Quang land’s craft villages. Each product is a cultural symbol   of an area, a community kept over generations. Tourists can perceive daily life, the fruit of working, creativeness of local residents in the craft villages from the mountain to the coastal regions. In the coming time, the improvement of services, the publication of introduction documents, maps, morse products, tour connection, trademark “real seal” will be deployed, bringing a promise to the exhibition house- a very attractive destination.