RoK and Japan recieve Quang Nam's labour force


(QNO) - In the first eight months  of this year, 62 laborers of Quang Nam province went to work in foreign countries under  limited-term employment contracts,  maily in Republic of Korea (RoK) and Japan.

RoK received 38 laborers (17 among them is under the newest agreement programme between Ministry of Labor-Invalid-Social Affairs (Vietnam) and Ministry of Employment and Labor (RoK), the others  will come back to Quang Nam after the 5-year working in RoK).

Among the total of 21 labors working  in Japan, 6 labors is entirely funded by IM Japan. Only 3 labors work in Malaysia and Taiwan. Especially, 71 Quang Nam’s labors have recently been selected as apprentices in Japan, according to the programme of the IM Japan Office and the Center of overseas labor.