Seeking for the real stories in tourism


(QNO) - The campaign is one of the activities in the project "Strengthening of inland tourism in Quang Nam" (SIT - Quang Nam) that aims to increase social and economic benefits from tourism and reduce negative impacts on the poor according to the tourism value chains. Enterprises can pursue and seek for the creative ways to achieve profitability, cost efficiency, in order to support local economic and social development on the ideal basis of "win-win" situation (Workers - Employers - Government). According to the value chain approach, the better each actor of the chain is, the better the whole chain could be. Good tourism enterprises will contribute for better tourism business environment in the province.

"The most important thing is to look for the real and most impressive stories or the best model of how tourism enterprises implement CSR through the nomination, introduction of their own workers”

The initiative of the "Social marketing" campaign of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Quang Nam Tourism Association (QTA) has spread among Quang Nam tourism community.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen
Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen

Talking with Quang Nam Newspaper, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen - National Project Coordinator of SIT/ILO in Quang Nam - said that this campaign aims to seek tourism enterprises that implement CSR practices through the voices of workers in tourism sector

J: Why does ILO raise up this "social marketing"?

This is an initiative of the SIT project/ILO. QTA has organized in collaboration with Labour Union; Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and other relevant agencies since May 2013.

The main goal of the ILO is to promote rights at work, encourage decent work opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogues on issues related to labour and employment. ILO apply the tripartite structure to raise the equal voices for workers, employers, and government with the purpose of ensuring the views of these social partners in labor standards, appropriate policies and programs to create sustainable development. This objective is integrated into all ILO projects.

For SIT, in spite of focusing on inland tourism, with the value chain approach, if the entire tourism chain develops well, inland tourism can benefit more. The close cooperation of QTA (representing for employers), Labour Union (representing for workers), and relevant governmental agencies will contribute to develop a better business environment for tourism in Quang Nam province. The "Social marketing “campaign aims to find good sample enterprises through feelings of workers. It is not basically based in view of strict social corporate responsibility standards; but it’s just simply just the feeling of workers with their enterprises.

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The feelings can be subjective but come from workers ‘point of view and it is sincere. It is a social marketing campaign because it is not for our profit. Hopefully, this is an opportunity for workers to understand their employers better, for employers understand their worker’s feelings and care more these feelings so that enterprises will develop more sustainably. Certainly, it will contribute into building good images of Quang Nam tourism enterprises.

J: What are the differences comparing with other competitions?

This is not a writing competition, so the criteria for scoring are not a good writing capacity. For this reason, the questions are designed ​​very simply. The answer should be brief and concise. The most important thing is to look for the real story, or the most impressive model of enterprises that implement social corporate responsibilities through their worker‘s recommendation. The story is told by the workers with their sentiments.

J: How about the deployment of this campaign and the predicted spread of this event?

QTA is the agency in charge of this activity with the close collaboration of the SIT/ILO Office in Quang Nam. In the action plan, QTA has sent an official letter to relevant agencies to invite them to the Selection Panel and get much attention from these authorities. The organizers sent official letter, flyers and CSR contest form (with contact information on it) to the labour unions of tourism enterprises or directly to the workers representatives and ask them to send to their colleagues. Currently, we have promoted the press media and communication about the campaign and continue to popularize to more workers

J: What does ILO expect from this campaign?

We want to receive real stories from workers. Then, QTA and ILO will organize a ceremony to honor enterprises “appreciated and loved” by workers and a workshop on social corporate responsibilities for tourism enterprises (expectedly held in the late of June, 2013). We don’t expect much but hope to raise awareness of enterprises in social responsibilities through this event. Workers have the right to show their feelings and enterprises should care about these feelings and real assessments.

J: Which benefit do workers get when the campaign is held to seek for and honor tourism enterprises working well with their social responsibilities?

We’d like to raise awareness of workers about their rights in enterprises. It’s the right to express opinions and to be listened by enterprises. When enterprises are interested in what workers feel or have any suitable treatment policy, workers will have a strong commitment to engage with their enterprises. Since then, enterprises will have better images and workers feel comfortable to contribute more their energy for enterprises. This is important for services enterprises because workers’ skills are their “products”.