Socioeconomic development in two mountainous districts of Quang Nam

By N.K.B |

(QNO) - The World Vision has financed nearly 470,000 USD to better the socioeconomic status of two districts Nam Giang and Nong Son of Quang Nam province.

According to this programme, four communes Ca Dy, Ta Poo, Cha Val, Zuooil and Thanh My town will be received nearly 63,000 USD to improve the standard of life of children, poor families and community.

Seven communes: Que Loc, Que Trung, Que Ninh, Que Phuoc, Que Lam, Son Vien and Phuoc Ninh of Nong Son district will be supported 403,464 USD by the World Vision to implement the regional development programme.

By N.K.B