Solar energy technology project in Hoi An


(QNO) - The project of solar power system for the sound and lighting operation in Hoi An ancient town will be presented at Hoai River Square on 20th October. This is the cooperative project between Hoi An and Germany’s Wernigerode city.

The total investment of the project is about EUR 135.000, 90% of which  is funded by Germany Government, and the rest is from Hoi An’s and Wernigerode’s reciprocal capitals. According to the project, the solar panels will be installed at Hoai River Square with an expected capacity of 55KW/h. The power will be supplied to public events (festivals, cultural and artistic activities…), lighting at Japanese Bridge, tourism symbols, streets… The excess energy will be stored and used in bad weather, at relic sites and public offices.

The success of the project will boost the cooperative relations and friendship between Hoi An, Wernigerode, and the German Government. It also encourages the local community to use renewable energy sources, helps to limit the effects of climate change, and develop sustainable tourism in Hoi An.
For more information, please contact via:
The Center for Culture and Sports of Hoi An
Add: 01 Cao Hong Lanh Str., Cam Pho Ward
Mobile: 0510.3861327 – Ms. Son Ca: 0914023201