South Korean Veterans Association working in Quang Nam province


(QNO) - Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee (QPC) Le Van Thanh warmly received a delegation from Vietnam Veterans Association of South Korea (VVAK) led by its Chairman Woo Young Rak on April 4th to discuss the issues relating to building the South Korean cultural center in Quang Nam funded by VVAK.

Vice Chairman of QPC Le Van Thanh (right) and VVAK’s Chairman Woo Young Rak
Vice Chairman of QPC Le Van Thanh (right) and VVAK’s Chairman Woo Young Rak

At the meeting, Vice Chairman Thanh said Quang Nam hoped this project would be  deployed as soon as possible via the close co-ordination between Quang Nam province and VVAK. According to Mr Thanh, this center should be built in Tam Ky city- a populous administrative center of the province. In addition, the city’s Tam Thang Industrial Park has attracted many South Korean enterprises with 20,000 workers.

On behalf of the VVAK delegation, Mr Woo Young Rak expressed their determination to start the project in Quang Nam province as soon as possible. He also shared the project would contribute to healing the wounds of war caused by soldiers from South Korea in the past time.   

On the same day, the VVAK delegation surveyed Tam Ky city,  Phu Ninh district and Hoi An city to choose the place for the project. Reportedly, the 4-storey cultural center will cover an area of 15,000m2, consisting of  the centers for South Korean language training, health, taekwondo, vocational training. The project’s expenditure is estimated about 3 million USD.