Tam Ky approves sound investment projects


(QNO) - For the city’s sustainable development, Tam Ky is determined to reject the projects that are threatening to cause environmental pollution.

Infrastructure construction in Tam Thang Industrial Park
Infrastructure construction in Tam Thang Industrial Park

Industrial zone excitement

Tam Thang Industrial Park (IP) is really bursting with the large investment projects that are expectedly a breakthrough in the East of Tam Ky. There are currently 10 businesses (9 FDI ones) investing over USD 200 million into about 92ha in this IP. 6 among them have been certificated with the registered capital of USD135 million and VND 40 billion. Especially, the construction of Panko textile-garment plant and Ducksan Vina garment accessory plant (with a 1,540 billion VND investment under Korean Panko Cooperation) started on July 30th, 2015. Investment attraction to this IP develops too fast to anticipate. Therefore, a lot of businesses have missed their chances to invest into this IP in this period.
Besides Tam Thang IP, the others (Thuan Yen IP and Truong Xuan industrial clusters) under Tam Ky city’s management are also in the same state.

Clean industry development

According to Chairman of Tam Ky city People's Committee Van Anh Tuan, industry is still selected as a driving force for the city’s development of trade and services. Tam Ky has planned to develop environmentally friendly and clean industries, and some high value-added supporting industries to raise the budget. Priority is given to the businesses with advanced technologies and highly competitive products.

The city has also planned to restructure the enterprises in Thuan Yen IP, Truong Xuan industrial clusters and Tam Phu fish port. All the businesses misusing or ineffectively using land have to be strictly dealt with. In addition, 190ha of Tam Thang Industrial Park is intended to be cleared; 80% of the area will be filled. The infrastructure of the traditional craft villages (Tam Phu boat building and repairing, Tam Thang plaiting, Tam Ap fish sauce) will be improved; their product quality will be bettered; the fishing village will be restored. All of them in a combination with Tam Thanh painting village will be the base for the development of craft industries and tourism here.