Tay Giang Rubber Plantation 2 set up

By Dinh Hiep |

(QNO) - Up to now, 1,300 ha of rubber tree were planted in 6 lowland communes of  Tay Giang district: A Vuong, A Nong, A Tieng, Lang, Bha Lee and Dang  according to the co-operation with Quang Nam- Nam Giang rubber  company, Ltd.

To expand the plantation area and create favourable conditions for production management,  the Viet Nam Rubber Group (GERUCO) established Tay Giang Rubber Plantation 2 (directly dependent on Nam Giang one member rubber company, Ltd.). New plantation has 7 co-production  teams and 300 families in three communes A Nong, A Vuong and Bha Lee working under service labor contract. The plantation headquarter expected to build in Bha Lee commune with more than 2 billion VND of investing capital.

By Dinh Hiep