Team USA won DIFC2013

By Hoang Ly |

The final evening of DIFC2013 featured amazing performances by teams Japan and the USA, following on from the previous night’s performances by teams Russia, Da Nang-Viet Nam, and Italy.
Team USA were crowned worthy champions of DIFC2013. Teams Japan and Italy shared second place while teams Russia and Da Nang-Viet Nam came third.

 Team USA s winning display.
Team USA's was winning display.

Team USA thrilled local and visiting spectators with their incredible display of pyrotechnics and lights along with enchanting support music.  Their fantastic performance was greeted with enthusiastic applause and appreciation from thousands of viewers.

Ban tổ chức trao giải cho đội thắng cuộc.
The Organisation Board of the DIFC 2013 awarded honourable titles to the winners.

The success of this year’s event was largely due to the dedicated participating teams and the great efforts of local authorities and people as well as the enthusiastic support of locals and visitors.

The next DIFC will take place in two years’ time, 2015.

By Hoang Ly