THACO has a turnover of over 45,800 billion VND


(QNO) - Reported from The Truong Hai Auto JSC’s year-end summation 2015 recently held at Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province), the total revenue of Thaco reached over 45,800 billion VND, up 89% compared to 2014.

 Chủ tịch HĐQT THACO tặng hoa cảm ơn nguyên Bí thư tỉnh ủy Vũ Ngọc Hoàng, người dành nhiều tâm huyết, đã tạo niềm tin cho THACO đầu tư tại Chu Lai. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Chairman of Thaco Managing Board and Ex-secretary of Quang Nam provincial party committee.

In the report, over 80,000 vehicles (including more than 42,000 passenger cars and 38,000 commercial vehicles) were sold in 2015, up 90% against 2014 and accounted for 38.6% market share of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA). The Chu Lai - Truong Hai complex made a contribution of 12,700 billion VND to the state budget, over 10,095 billion VND of which to the provincial budget, a raise of 102% compared to 2014.

Last year, THACO Truong Hai produced and assembled more than 73,000 vehicles (up 86% against 2014), upgrade and present 15 new products including 3 passenger cars, two buses and 10 cars trucks. To meet the growth of the automobile market in Vietnam, Truong Hai continues to better and modernize its technology, production and assembly lines to increase factories capacity. Besides the design, application of science - technology and research and development of products are also paid more attention. By the end of 2015, nearly 13,700 personnel have worked in THACO (including over 7,000 people in Chu Lai - Truong Hai), an increase of 66% from early 2015.

 Phó Chủ nhiệm Ủy ban Kiểm tra Trung ương Nguyễn Đức Hải và  Chủ tịch HĐQT THACO Trần Bá Dương tặng giấy khen cho các công nhân có thành tích xuất sắc trong lao động. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
Merit awards to Thaco’s excellent labours

At the summation, THACO set a goal of 99,800 vehicles, up 36% compared to 2015, over 14,000 billion VND to the state budget (including more than 12 280 billion to provincial budget), up 22% against 2015.

Pleased with these impressive, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu appreciated Thaco’s successes and its contributions to the province’s development. He also hoped Thaco to keep on its growth and be ready for joining in the AFTA market in 2018.