The booklet "UNESCO – Quang Nam: Partnership to promote culture for sustainable development" published


(QNO) - Marking one year of implementing the project “Promoting crafted products and craft village tourism in Quang Nam”, UNESCO Office in Ha Noi, Vietnam has published the book  titled “UNESCO – Quang Nam: Partnership to promote culture for sustainable development”.

This project was supported by the Government of Korea through the UNESCO to support craft villages in Quang Nam province, particularly the ones near two Word Heritages My Son Sanctuary Site  and Hoi An Ancient Town. The main objectives of the project are to orient the craft production to meet the demands of tourists and consolidate cultural values. The project also focuses on craft products, building a common brand for craft products of Quang Nam and promoting local craft villages tourism.

The booklet consists of many articles and illustrated photos introducing to the readers the key problems and goals of the project,  the initial achievements in each project’s objective; the cooperation between partners in project implementation; the role of community in the process of  project implementation; the valuations of the project from the managers, implementation organizers, participants and people of communities; the information about sustainable tourism; safeguarding My Son World Heritage site;  the strategy of Quang Nam culture - tourism integration; the capacity of social-economic development of the craft villages and regions and people receiving the benefits from the project in future…