The G group monuments exhibition space at My Son Sanctuary Site opened


(QNO) - A prominent event at My Son Sanctuary Site - a World cultural heritage, attracting public attention is that the monuments group G will be opened to visiting on 22 June  2013 after a long time of restoration and conservation. The opening of the showroom of monuments conservation outcomes will also be scheduled for this day.

A prominent event in My Son monument- the world's cultural heritage, attracting public attention is that group G of temple-towers will be open to visiting on June 22nd, 2013 after a long time of restoration and conservation. The opening of the showroom of G group temple-towers conservation outcomes will also be scheduled for this day.

With the efforts to save the Cham ruins - My Son, the tripartite cooperation between Vietnam, Italia and UNESCO was deployed and has achieved many significant results. The  G group monuments G in My Son Sanctuary Site has returned to its first appearance, which was destroyed by war and time. During the conservation and restoration, experts especially paid attention to archaeology excavation. The debris of the  monuments buried under soil over thousands of years was found. It was a temple built in the latter half of the 12th century under the reign of Jaya HarivarmanI. Besides, many valuable discoveries of a group of towers found were considered the unique and original models of Champa’s architecture style and decorative art. They have professionally been chosen, treated and put into storage. These fragments are thematically arranged in the gallery, and a complete picture of the process of the Champa’s artistic creation and construction techniques will scientifically be introduced to visitors, as the quote in the showroom: "The gallery is the best place to display the ancient creations – which were born and revived – for the future generations to admire and preserve”.

The exhibition space gives a new view of the diversity in the ancient construction techniques whereby the building with Cham bricks is seen scientific calculations. Many theories have been made based on scientific researches to find out the best answer of the ancient bricks’ mystery which helps to discover the binder, the most difficult step in the Cham tower restoration now. Through researching on restoration and archeology, experts have outlined the formation of Cham bricks. At the  monuments- towers group G, a countless number of items collected as the Chinese characters on the Cham bricks, children footprints on the ancient bricks and a great  number of ceramics was found ... show that the G group  monuments of My Son Sanctuary Site is a unique treasure to discover.

The gallery also has an introduction of the cooperation process of experts, researchers, technical staff and skilled workers. The experiences have been written down in the book "Guides on restoration and conservation of the G group monuments in My Son Sanctuary Site".

Hopefully, this is really an interesting place to visit where tourists can learn more about My Son, about the Cham monuments restoration. "We desire to share our emotions with every visitor during the process of trying to preserve this extremely beautiful heritage”, quoted from the title by the entrance of the gallery.