The Hoang Sa (Paracel) Archipelago Exhibition House design of Japan to be chosen


(QNO) - According to the People’s Committee of Hoang Sa island district, The Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago Exhibition House design named “The seal and national sovereignty - an enduring comfirmation of territorial sovereignty” was chosen for construction among 43 designing plans took part in the contest organised by this district for construction.

The design was done by three architects of WRIGHT Architecture Company Ltd. From Japan: Minori Minakami (head of the group),Tran Quoc Thanh and Nguyen Huy Quang. It’s one of three designs won the second prize (no first prize) in the final round.

The perspective of the Hoang Sa Exhibition house.
The perspective of the Hoang Sa Exhibition house.

According to Mr Dang Cong Ngu, Chairman of Hoang Sa Island district, the winning designs have to reflect the historical process of establishing and protecting Viet Nam’s sovereignty over the Hoang Sa archipelago. This exhibition house will be built with new technolgy and modern architecturing language and based on Vietnamese construction and sculpture space. Natural rock and famous rock manipulating art of artisans from Da Nang city and other regions of Viet Nam will be combined in construction.

One of main idea of the design is the image of King Minh Mang’s (Nguyen Dynasty) seal in the Royal Decree of establishing Hoang Sa Flotilla in 1835 to exploit national natural resources and plant the landmarks of national sacred sovereignty, which has been being one of the undeniable proofs of sovereignty of Vietnam over Hoang Sa archipelago.

The square structure is the symbol of life-sustaining element convergence of the Sun and the Earth. The square shape is also the symbol of intenational basic coordinate system  to confirm territory location of a nation. Two main combined cubes of the exhibition house symbolizing the will of unity, the affirmation for the position and existence of Hoang Sa archipelago in the ancient bibliography of Vietnam as well as in over the world. It’s a historical clear proof for the Viet Nam’s sovereignty over the Hoang Sa archipelago which has been recognised by the whole world.

The interference space between two main cubes of the construction is the symbol of Hoang Sa sovereignty landmark putting on the sea surface. The Hoang Sa sovereignty landmark of Vietnam is the heart of the Hoang Sa (Paracel)  archipelago Exhibition House work as well as the top idea of the design.

The red part of the exhibition house symbolizing the colour of blood of Vietnamese people who had fell for national freedom, independence and sovereignty over sea and land of Vietnamese fatherland. The Hoang Sa Sa archipelago Exhibition House will help raise the public’s awareness of the existence of Hoang Sa  archipelago , and that it is an integral part of Viet Nam.