The Korea-Vietnam Zone project is under discussion


(QNO) - On May 14, Chairman of Quang Nam province People’s Committee Le Phuoc Thanh received Mr Hwang Pil Jae, Deputy director of the Land and houses state company of Korea. “ This mission to Quang Nam is organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Power of  Korea. Its aims is to study the correcting plan of the Korea-Vietnam Industrial Zone (KVIZ) project and the developing ability of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (CLOEZ)

Mr Thanh introduced briefly the social and economic development of Quang Nam province and Chu Lai Open Economic Zone in past time. He expected the Korean government will carry out the KVIZ project soon. The KVIZ project will strengthen the friendship and solidarity between two countries.

After studying and receiving information about the KVIZ  establishing plan and the developing ability of  the CLOEZ, the mission group will report to the Korean Government. He hopes that the KVIZ will be established at the CLOEZ soon.