The National Highway 1A enlarging project began constructing

By Kim Bao |

(QNO) - A ceremony for starting to enlarge The National Highway 1A in Quang Nam province was held at Binh Tu commune (Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province). Mr Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Minister, many provincial  leaders and local people took part in the event.

An overview of the Constructing ceremony. Photo: Cong Tu.
An overview of the Constructing ceremony. Photo: Cong Tu.

This 1,486 billion VND worth BOT project will be implemented by The 545 Construction Company and completed ater 24 months of building. The new highway will have 2 to 6 lanes (4 lanes for cars and 2 for  other transporting means).

“This project plays a very important  role  in the process of social and economic development of Quang Nam province and the Central region. After finishing, the highway will make favourable conditions for transportation, communication, economic development and decrease of traffic accidents,” Mr Phuc said. He also expected the builders will work hard, complete the project on time and meet all demands of the approved plan.

By Kim Bao