The operation of the Quang Nam Visitor Center


(QNO) - On July 13, the Quang Nam Tourism Promotion and  Information Center made a preliminary summing-up of the operation of the Quang Nam Visitor Center.

Ký kết quy chế phối hợp giữa Trung tâm với các ban, ngành, địa phương
A cooperation of the center with the local agencies.

After one year of working,  the Quang Nam Visitor Center received a lot of feedback from tourists and local residents and their search for the information relating to tourism operation through the hotline 0510.3666.333. Until now, nearly 11,000 visitors have directly learnt about the information  through this center.

Sự ra đời của Trung tâm được du khách đánh giá cao
At the center.

The Quang Nam Visitor Center has been received a high appreciation from international and domestic tourists, especially in supplying information,  which contributes to the local tourism stabilization. On this occasion, the center signed a cooperative regulation with local agencies to make Quang Nam tourism environment civilized, safe and friendly.

Trao giấy khen của giám đốc Sở VH,TT&DL cho các cơ quan đơn vi đã phối hợp tốt với Trung tâm thời gian qua.
The good collaborators of the center were given certificates by Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.