The Provincial leaders receive the delegation of Minamiboso city's officials and experts


(QNO) - Chairman of the Quang Nam People’s Committee (QPC) Nguyen Chin and Vice Chairman of QPC Dinh Van Thu welcomed and worked with the delegation of Minamiboso city’s officials and experts (Chiba provincial, Japan), led by Mr Simada Mamori- Minamiboso city’s Deputy Mayor on the afternoon of August 6th.

Mr Simada Mamori offers Mr. Thu a souvenir
Mr Simada Mamori offers Mr. Thu a souvenir

At the meeting, on behalf of the provincial leaders- Mr Dinh Van Thu expressed his pleasure to welcome Mr Simada Mamori, who firstly visited and worked in Quang Nam. At the same time, Mr Thu thanked for the helps that Minamiboso’s authority and the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) project gave to Quang Nam during the last time. Until now, the project components funded by JICA have come into play, positively impacting on the local residents. He also hoped  the deployment of the third component of this project in the next time will support the two previous components to be better, continue to raise the locals’ awareness,  and succeed in the plans  of the project.

On behalf of the delegation of Minamiboso city, Mr Simada Mamori highly appreciated the Quang Nam co-workers’ enthusiasm in deploying effectively the last components of the project . He believed the third component of the project in Quang Nam will give a chance of bettering the local residents’ income and  quality of their life.