The Sekong province's delegation to visit Quang Nam


(QNO) - On 1st April, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Quang, provincial Party’s Permanent Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the People’s Council and Mr Nguyen Chin, provincial Vice Chairman of the People’s committee  of Quang Nam welcomed the delegation of Sekong province (Laos), led by Mr Phonphet Khieulavong, Deputy Secretary of the Sekong provincial Party Committee and provincial Deputy Governor.

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Quang offers a  symbol of The World Cultural Heritage to Mr Phonphet Khieulavong. Photo: Xuan Nghia
Mr Nguyen Ngoc Quang offers a symbol of The World Cultural Heritage to Mr Phonphet Khieulavong. Photo: Xuan Nghia

In the meeting, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Quang introduced briefly to the visitors about the present economic and social development of Quang Nam province, the 40th anniversary of Quang Nam province’s liberation day, 85th anniversary of founding provincial Party Committee and the inauguration ceremony of the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue.

Mr Quang affirmed that the statue is a historic significant national construction. It will be a place to educate the generations about the  gratitude policies and lofty sacrifice of over 75,000 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers. Quang Nam  province has continued to look after the solidarity, cooperation and friendship with Sekong province as well as develop economy and keep stable in the common border areas of the two provinces.

Mr Phonphet Khieulavong thanked for the warm welcome and the great helps from the Party Committee, the People’s Committee and people of Quang Nam province for Sekong province in the past years.  He also affirmed that all historic documents granted by Quang Nam province will help Sekong province  in writing books and documents to educate the young generation of the Sekong province about the very fast solidarity between the two provinces Sekong and Quang Nam.

Mr Phonphet Khieulavong expected the Quang Nam province will create favourable conditions for Sekong province in searching documents and writing the book “History of Sekong province- Period 1945-1975”.

The Laos’ delegation visited and grew a souvenir tree at the Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue (Tam Phu commune, Tam Ky city) and the Lower Laos Resistance Zone in Phu Thinh commune (Phu Ninh district).