The "trade name" of Champa traditional dance


(QNO) - If there is not Champa dance, My Son will be less attractive. This is the tourists’ saying about My Son Sanctuary.

Champa dance
Champa dance

Since 2003 when performed in My Son Sanctuary as a tourism service, Champa dance has become the My Son’s  remarkable “trade name”. Although Champa dance can be found in many places but it is more special in My Son Sanctuary because it  may be performed in a sacred spaces of temples and the Champa artists’ incarnation into their national cultural origin. There are many loved performances such as drum, Saranai trumpet solo, Aspara dance… According to Mr. Huynh Tan Lap, Deputy Chief of My Son Sanctuary Heritage and Tourism Management Board, Champa dance connects the intangible value to architectural value in My Son Sanctuary so that tourists can really experience  Quang land’s long-standing culture.