The US Choir troup presented special prize

By C.T.V - Hoang Ly |

(QNO) - The 3rd Vietnam-International Choir Competition 2013 – one of  three focus events in the 5th Quang Nam Heritage Festival ended on 21st  June, after 3 day of exciting and interesting competition.

Nearly 600 artists of 15 choir troups  from 9 countries and territories: Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Taiwn Chinese and the host Vietnam competed 7 musical categories: Male choirs, Female choirs, Fixed choirs, Children and Youth choirs (Age 16-25), Sacred Choir Music, Folklore and Sacred Choir Music in the 18th-19th  century.

 Giving a speech at the Prizes  awarding ceremony, Mr Thomas Schüle, the INTERKULTURE’s International Relation Director said: “It can say that Hoi An is the most beautiful city of South East Asia. On behalf of the Choir Competition’s Organisation Board, I would like to thank Hoi An city authority and people, who  created fafourable conditions and  cooperated with INTERKULTURE  to organised a successful international choir competition. I would like to praise the choir troups’ achievements”.

The Organising Board awarded 12 Gold prizes, 6 Silver prizes (no Bronze prises). The special prise was granted to USD Choir Troup. “We are very happy and lucky to receive the Special prize because this choir competition was organised in South East Asia, with strong competitors such as Vietnam, Indonesia…In the days we stay here, the rich and diverse cultural activities in Hoi An left in my heart deep impressions” said Mr Can Heliber, conductor of the US choir troups.

 The prize awarding ceremony ended with a sentimental image when all the participants sang together the song “Keeping pace of the heart”.

In the evening, the choir troups participating a street musical performance “International Melody", brought nice surprises on multi nation colour in Hoi An ancient town.

By C.T.V - Hoang Ly