Thuan and his dream houses


(QNO) - An Bang fishing village is now a world’s well-known tourist destination in Hoi An city, where Le Ngoc Thuan was born and grew up with the dream of happy houses in happy villages.

Le Ngoc Thuan.
Le Ngoc Thuan.

Thuan now owns a series of clubs and restaurants along the An Bang beach.  Among them is the Shore Club, which was built in an original style that he learned from his travels abroad.

Though he has never attended any architectural course, the Chi Villa, which was designed by himself, has won the first award for the Dream House in the amateur category by the Vietnam Association of Architects. The Chi Villa has 4 bedrooms decorated luxuriously meeting the criteria for a dream house. It is used as a high-class homestay with the price of VND 10 million a room a night, meeting the demands of high-class visitors. This model of homestay is an imitation of Bali’s (Indonesia). It is always attractive to visitors.

Thuan started working for living by washing dishes at a restaurant in Hoi An where he met Glenn McVeigh, an Australian visitor to Hoi An. At first, he and McVeigh jointly opened a small restaurant. Then the number of visitors, especially foreigners, to Hoi An increases more and more, the place for accommodation becomes a problem in this city, he decided to set up a homestay business in 2011 but it was not successful. In 2012, he continued studying and reset his business and the success came with him. He is father of 12 homestays in An Bang village; however they are transferred to An Bang villagers in order to improve their income and their lives. In addition, he helped the others in the village to build homestays and manage their business. Therefore, it can be said that An Bang today is very busy and becomes a rich village with a sustainable system of homestays.

An Bang has recently received the award for the ASEAN Green Hotel by the General Department of Tourism in the period of 2016-2018.

Le Ngoc Thuan with his success in homestay business, he has a great dream of helping people in the fishing villages nationwide do homestay business so that they can improve their lives and enrich in their home village.