Two pictures of Japanese Bridge in the beginning of the 20th century


(QNO) - Dominique Foulon, a journalist from The Carnets du Viet Nam  has just presented two old pictures of Chua Cau (Japanese Bridge) to Hoi An city. The first picture was taken from an angle of the south. There are many people in traditional costumes leaning against Chua Cau’s balconies, some half-naked children standing in water under the bridge with the words 12 bis-Faifo. Pont Japonais written at the right angle.

The second picture was a postcard with an Indochine stamp and  Faifo postseal. In the picture are many people in Vietnamese traditional dress, ao dai and turbans for men, four-panel traditional dresses head coverings for women. Below the picture are the words: N: 41 - ANNAM - FAI - FOO - LE PONT JAPONNAIS.
Two pictures might be taken in the period of 1910-1930. They are two new and precious document pictures supplying more knowledge about the Japanese Bridge’s architecture and Hoi An people’s costumes in the beginning of the 20th century.