Unique handwriting on bamboo


(QNO) - The fine art products of bamboo handwriting make Hoi An more impressive in visitors’ eyes due to their simplicity, elegance and stylishness.

Some products of bamboo handwriting. Photo: Q.TUAN
Some products of bamboo handwriting. Photo: Q.TUAN

Artisan Le Phuoc Tien is considered Father of this original bamboo handwriting, which was born over 15 years ago, in about the late 1990s of the 20th century, when more and more visitors came to Hoi An. He is also the first shop owner of these artistic products. The number of his shops increases some more and gives jobs for tens of labours now.

The bamboo handwriting products are relatively diversified, from the small bamboo tubes to the large plates with the words such as “Happiness – Wealth – Longevity”, “the Good – the True  – the Beautiful”, the simple proverbs like “win one’s laurels” or parallel sentences as “A good fortune as boundless as the East Sea and a long life as great as the South Mountain” engraved in Vietnamese, English or Chinese  or  even animals depending on customers’ demands.  

There are about ten establishments producing this unique product category in Hoi An. Besides bamboo, some other materials are also used such as stone, coconut or areca body. Each bamboo tube about 20-25 cm is from 8 – 10 USD. Customers can buy these products directly at shops or order by phone.