Vietnam countryside's beauty in an Russian painter's eyes


(QNO) - In transquil and peaceful mornings, Hoi An people can see an Russian artist on the bridge connecting two banks of De Vong river with the paintbrushes to complete his art work. of the De Vong River landscape where the boats passing-by.

Serge Timonave is painting  De Vong river’s landscape.
Serge Timonave is painting De Vong river’s landscape.

Serge Timonav ,41, comes from Moscow capital, Russia. He has come to Vietnam for many times.

“I come here in the early morning when the sun has just dawned on the river. I can’t paint in the hot weather or under very cloudy sky, because the painting will be dammaged easily…,” Serge said

With Serge, De Vong river is very beautiful and has long history, where traders and fishermen living along.

 “When I deeply understand about the river, I will chose painting point that can reflect both its history and present beauty. I like classic and realistic oil paintings,” he expressed.

Serge has visited many cities and province in Vietnam, but it is the first time he comes to Hoi An and is the seventh day he rides to De Vong river to paint.

Serge love drawing of Hoi An rivers. A month long in Hoi An, he painted 4 pictures about Hoi An city and De Vong bridge is the fifth.

“I’m impressed with Vietnam countryside. The Vietnamese people is very friendly and Vietnam landscape is very beautiful,” said Serge.

In Russia, Serge has a painting shop but he likes to come other countries for painting and selling. However, he keeps some as memories.

 “Painting is also like photography. It has moment. It’s very difficult to paint another one as sold one. Each moments, each quality of painting.” he said.

Serge will stay in Hoi An for few days more. He hopes that he can paint all landscape of the ancient town’s villages…