Vietnam National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window


(QNO) - Leaders of Quang Nam province’s agencies including Chairman of the Quang Nam People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu took part in the teleconference chaired by Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc on July 24. This event aimed to promote the National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window and trade facilitation. 

Quang Nam leaders at the teleconference
Quang Nam leaders at the teleconference

According to the Ministry of Finance, eleven ministries and agencies have been connected together and 53 administrative procedures are carried out via the National Single Window. All the customs procedures of the Ministry of Finance are now being processed through the National Single Window. There are 99.65 per cent of businesses conduct e-procedures at customs offices around the country.

Vietnam officially joined the ASEAN Single Window on January 1 and has exchanged 42,901 certificates of origin with four ASEAN member countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
Single windows have given Vietnam a strong boost to administrative reform as they have helped cut costs and savetime.

At the conference, national international participants discussed issues relating to the implementation of the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window, its advantages and disavantages. At the same time, the conference talked about the solutions to the shortcomings of single windows.

At the conference, Prime Minister Phuc asked the Ministry of Finance to urgently submit the draft action plan on the promotion of ASEAN Single Window, National Single Window and trade facilitation so that these single windows will be promulgated soon. “The action plan and decree should include breakthrough proposals, more effective and practical solutions, especially in the management of import and export, thus dealing with problems and strengthening both import-export activities as well as regional and international trade. It is the driving force for economic growth”, Prime Minister Phuc said.

The Prime Minister also noted that, beside trade facilitation, preventing trade fraudulence, protecting people's health towards both export and import goods should be monitored.