Vietnamese course ending ceremony


(QNO) - The Vietnamese course for Laotian officials from Sekong province has come to an end.

The members of the course at the ending ceremony.
The members of the course at the ending ceremony.

The course started in April, 2018 and ended in April, 2019. It focused on 4 basic skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing that were taught by teachers from Quang Nam University.

The course is part of the annual cooperative programme between Quang Nam and Sekong. It aims to improve Sekong provincial officials’ skills of Vietnamese communication so that the exchanging of information and cooperation between Sekong and Quang Nam can occur smoothly.

There were 18 members from the Sekong provincial Security Department and Military Headquarters in the course. Besides being in class, they visited some historical and cultural places in Quang Nam to practice their Vietnamese skills and learn about Quang Nam’s lifestyle.  

The course ended with 6 excellent members, 8 good ones. All of them can communicate well in Vietnamese.