2020- the year of international projects on My Son conservation


International cooperation is stepped up to preserve and restore the My Son world cultural heritage (Quang Nam province) in 2020.

Restoring tower group A
Restoring tower group A
Focusing on Group A

Nearly 100 workers, technicians and Indian experts have been working at group A of My Son Sanctuary for more than 3 months.

They clean the temples, collect artefacts, reinforce the walls, and restore the temples. Their work is expected to finish in June, 2020.

The conservation and restoration has still been taking place in My Son Sanctuary though it has been temporarily closed to visitors due to Covid-19.

All the temples of group A (except A1, the major temple of the group that will be done in 2021) have been initially intervened.

After group A, other groups including K and H will be preserved and restored by experts from Indian Institute of Archaeology.

An Indian expert working at group A
An Indian expert working at group A
The 5-year project on conservation and restoration of temple groups K, H, A started at the end of 2016. It is mainly financed by the Government of India.

Two groups K and H began to be restored in 2017. There are not any changes during the restoration except broken bricks.

Conservation of group F1

The international cooperation in conservation and restoration has revived My Son Sanctuary. Besides the main duty of restoring the temples, the workers have made the site clean and built the roads to the arts performance area so that visitors can easily go to and fro there.

Group H
Group H
Up to now, groups G, H, K are among the temple groups that have been conserved and restored thanks to the funding and technical support from domestic and foreign governments and experts.

Quang Nam has recently put forward a conservation programme of tower F1 and the Government of India has agreed to support Quang Nam. 

In the next time, Quang Nam has to send India all the documents related to this tower before there is an official survey.

Moreover, Quang Nam has asked for the support from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and Italian Embassy in order to restore group L.

They have agreed. In addition, My Son will also cooperate with the Vietnam’s Institute for Conservation of Monuments to prepare for the restoration of tower F2.