A translation of the epitaphs in My Son World Heritage into Vietnamese and English


(QNO) - The project of My Son epitaphs was officially launched on April 3, 2018 at My Son Sanctuary, a World Cultural Heritage in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.

My Son Sanctuary (Photo: VNA)
My Son Sanctuary (Photo: VNA)

The project was carried out with the help of Indian experts and scientists. The contents on these epitaphs which were engraved in ancient Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) will be translated into Vietnamese and English. The translation is supposed to be useful for the research, conservation, and promotion of cultural and historical values, contributing to introducing them to the national and international public.

There are currently 31 epitaphs in Sanskrit engraved on bricks and stones at My Son Sanctuary. Most of them have been broken and partly lost; so the translation will be very difficult and time-consuming.

Besides the translation of the Sanskrit epitaphs, the Indian experts are going on their restoration of the heritage under a 5-year project (2016-2021) financed by the Government of India.

Reportedly, the towers groups K and H are still keeping on being restored. In the process of excavation and restoration these groups, a lot of valuable artifacts have been found. They include tops of the towers finely decorated, construction materials, a lion man statue, and a road from the rear of the group K to the center of My Son Sanctuary. The road is thought to be used just by royal members and religious dignitaries in ceremonies.

In addition, the restoration of the group A has also been implemented.